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Viva Voice is an award-winning
bilingual production company
based in London.
We create audio and transmedia bilingual sound experiences 
 with educational and
cultural goals.

Our aspiration is to provide 

high quality content, 

through both sound design and 

vocal performance.

Working mainly in Spanish,

we experiment with how the

human ear perceives sound and

explore the full potential of

the auditory experience.

Voice. Words. Music. Effects.

The power of Sound.


The correct mixture of these elements allows us to create enveloping environments that help tell stories, and to touch the most sensitive fibre of a human being through the first sense we develop: hearing.


At Viva Voice we turn sounds into experiences in which the listener is the protagonist, the focal point where voices, sounds, environments, music, and silences converge.


Experiences of Sound, through which we can immerse ourselves in the richness of the Spanish language- the second most spoken language in the world - and its culture; its rich and diverse accents, races, stories, present and future.


A team of voice and sound production professionals, aided by script and production experts, would like to take you on this spectacular journey through sound.


Audio Drama

Audio Theatre

Audio Books

Audio Tours


Audio Documentary



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Voice Arts Awards

Outstanding Spoken Word/Storytelling, 

Best Spanish Performance

USA, 2020

Voice Arts Award Winner


Digital Innovation Awards , 2nd Price

Electronic Book Conference

Spain, 2019

Premio innovacion ebook


Audio Book Narration - Fiction

Best Spanish Voiceover.

USA, 2021

Voice Arts Award Winner
Audio ENG

Use your headphones!


Let´s learn about Binaural Sound visiting Saint Pancras station! 

- Voices: Vicky Tessio, Ana Clements. Sound design: Chusé Fernández. USE YOUR HEADPHONES!

More info about Binaural Sound here.


We bring you the stories and legends of the oral tradition, as well as  short pieces of classical and contemporary literature

dedicated to children.

With the advice of specialised educators, we create complementary materials to accompany the listening experience, which delve into the meaning and educational component of each story.

- Voices: Vero López Treviño, Gabriel Porras. Sound design: Chusé Fernández. We recommend the use of headphones. -


The Art of Literature in Spanish. Sound spaces in which to inmmerse yourself in a book and the life of its author.

Writing, history, biography, fiction, turned into sound. Memory and learning through emotion and imagination.

- Voices: Andy Robinson, Vicky Tessio, Aníbal Soto. Sound design: Chusé Fernández. We recommend the use of headphones. -


Viva Voice invites you to travel with your eyes open... or with your eyes closed, if you prefer! You can listen to our audio guides while on the road or preparing for your trip. Immerse yourself in the sounds and spaces created around the stories, curiosities, monuments and legends of the territory you will travel....  Shall we go?

- Voices: Vicky Tessio, Donald Pirie. Sound design: Chusé Fernández. We recommend the use of headphones. -


A study by the University College of London (UCL) shows that unconscious responses to scenes from the same book, adapted to different media, are more intense in audio format: “One of our predictions was that listening to a book would be more cognitive work, because you as a listener are involved in the co-creation of the story, using your imagination. You’re hearing the story but mentally you’re doing all the work, whereas when you’re watching it, it’s more of a passive experience. The director’s imagination has brought it to life. We’d anticipated we might see something in the physiology but we didn’t expect the results to be as clear as they were.”

Science supports us. Long live audio!

- Voices: Vicky Tessio, Teresa Marcos, Marta Barriuso. Sound design: Chusé Fernández. We recommend the use of headphones -

Viva Voice was born to be

Sound, Voice and


An encounter between

Citizens and Cultures.


Broadcaster, voiceover talent and voice actress. Madrid born, London based,

She began her professional career in the late 80's as a journalist and radio host.

She has presented and directed programmes on some of Spain´s most prestigious radio stations,

such as Radio Nacional, Cadena Ser and Canal Sur.

Since 2004 she has worked as a

freelance voice from her personal studio,

for clients all over the world.

She records all kinds of genres:

from dubbing (Netflix), audiobooks,

video games, audio drama;

to corporate projects: company videos,

phone systems, e-learning …

Voice Arts Award 2017

in the United States for

Outstanding Animation Demo Reel,

Best Spanish Voiceover.

Nominated for a Voice Arts Award

2018 for Outstanding Spoken Word or Storytelling, Best Spanish Performance..


Nominated for a Voice Arts Award

2019 for Audiobook Narration- Fiction,

Best Spanish Voiceover.

Second Prize for Innovation 2019

at the eBook Conference  in Spain with a project .

 Voice Arts Wards 2020 and 2021 

as a Voice Talent, Director and Proucer


Vicky Tessio Director
Chuse Fernandez Viva Voice

Vicky Tessio


Chusé Fernández

Sound Designer

Viva Voice UK Logo
viva voice ltd

Get in touch with us !

Note for voice actors:

Please note that we don´t have any

casting call at this moment.

Thanks for NOT sending your demos :)


Radio creative and sound designer from Aragon. Expert in radio creativity and acoustic semiotics. Since 1980 he has been

a part of the world of creativity and innovation in radio and digital media.


At present, his work focuses in the field of training with creative radio workshops,

seminars and presentations on radio production, sound experimentation,

radio art and podcasts, and on the creation

and production of radio dramas.


2012 Premio Ondas and AERO 2014

Award for Radio Innovation.

MEDEA Award, European Commission 2013

for the Promotion of European Citizenship

A radio theatre project with people with mental disabilities.

Awarded in the Prix Marulic of Radio Croatia

and finalist in the Prix Nova of radio drama

of Radio Romania.

Finalist in the 2016 and 2018 editions of the Prix Europa in the category of Radio Fiction. 

Second Prize for Innovation 2019 at the eBook Conference  in Spain with a project.

Voice Arts Award 2020 for "Para Que Tú Me Oigas" , and 2021 "El Principito".

He is the director of the IAACC, channel

Radio of the Aragon Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture Pablo Serrano, coordinator of the School of Radio TEA FM and director of the International Conference of Radio Theatre and Sound Fiction.

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