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Sound wave

The world of sound recording has many forms and styles, techniques and methods, processes and preferences.


However, nothing is comparable to the particularity of binaural recording, since it achieves in many situations completely original results and an interesting stereo image.


Nowadays, with the advances of 3D and virtual reality, the new sound systems in cinemas and in our own homes, multiple possibilities open up with new technologies in communication and creation, and we find interesting paths to explore in Binaural recording.

binaural how it works

The binaural technique was invented by the Argentinian Hugo Zuccarelli.

The system is based on the difference in volume and the delay that exists when we hear a sound in each ear.



Unlike traditional stereo, where we hear a sound on a single channel, binaural recording captures the audio as we hear it in real life.

That is to say, if a sound is produced on the left side of our head, we will not only hear it in the left ear, but this sound will arrive with less intensity and with a slight delay, to our right ear.

binaural circle 2.jpg

It basically consists of the use of recording equipment whose configuration imitates our auditory perception system. 


In other words, it is a method that aims to record by simulating our ears, in their position, in the way the stereo waves are distributed, in the sensation of space, in the processes that our psychophysical structure alters what we hear.


This stereo waves are captured with systems created or adapted specifically for this. Some can be constructed as headphones or also adapted to other objects.

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