The Art of Spanish Literature

Literature, History, Biography, Geography, Culture and Technology through sound.

Memory and learning through emotion and imagination.


The Liter_Arte Project is focused into three formats / lines of action, with a LOCAL (London*) and GLOBAL (Internet) scope. We work with the best voices in the Spanish-speaking world, as shown in our 2019 Hispanic Day tribute:  "Para Que Tú Me Oigas" (“So That You Will Hear Me”).


*After 2020, the Liter_Arte works will be ready to be performed anywhere in the world.

      • 1 . INFORMATIVE PODCAST. 20 minutes long. It will include:

      A) Non-fiction*  Discussion of the work with experts and the author.

                              Brief audio-tour through a physical space related to the work  and/or the author.

      B) Fiction* Excerpts from audio drama.

*In this case, the example is a bilingual audio file.

Liter_Arte will offer two different versions of the entire project, one in English and one in Spanish.

  • 2. AUDIO DRAMA: 60 minutes long.

 - An adaptation of the novel or play adapted into audiodrama.

 - Studio recording with professional voice actors.

 - Post-production: creation of 3D sound spaces through the use of effects, incidental music, voice                                       treatment, etc.  (Sound Design).


  • 3. AUDIO THEATRE: live performances. Duration approx. 90 minutes


 - Audio drama modified for live performance.

 - Performed by professional voice actors.

 - Active participation of the public in the creation of sound effects (Foley)


Both podcasts and audio dramas will be available to the public through a transmedia platform created for this purpose.

This platform will have complementary content in different formats (audio, text, video, links, etc.) which will allow users to receive more information and even add comments, experiences or elements that help share Liter_Arte products more widely.

The podcasts will be free to enjoy and download.

The audio dramas can be accessed from this platform and downloaded for a fee.

The users/students of the collaborating institutions/companies will have free access to them during an agreed period.



Liter-Arte will share its activities and products by means of press releases, social media, blogs, and audiograms.

An audiogram is a short, punchy audiovisual product, designed for use on social media. It combines image and sound to promote events or activities. It is an excellent marketing tool since it combines the power of sound editing with the inclusion of images or text - to give concrete information about the content.

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